Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally feeling better!

II'll let the title speak for itself, don't want to jinx myself ;)

Thanks for the support!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Well, I think I had maybe a week of feeling better and unfortunately, find myself now fighting another infection, this time in my sinuses. It seems as if the pneumonia decided to move north into my face, head and ears. Just like I've never had pneumonia before that last bout, I've never had sinusitis or sinus infection. I can't hear out of my right ear right now and it feels like my face is going to cave in, unreal. I'm starting to get a little more energy it seems after getting some different antibiotics (amoxicillin) but the pressure seems to have increased in my head. I haven't really been able to do anything lately but lie around, getting pretty good at that lately, ugh. My appetite is pretty weak too but trying to force at least two meals and plenty of fluids.

I know there are greener pastures ahead, just have to wait this out. My body is adjusting to something right now and I have to let it run it's course. I keep forgetting I have a brand new immune system that hasn't been exposed like my old one had been obviously.

Makes me wonder if something was missed after my transplants... Most people get new immunizations after a period of time (I think a year) after their SCT's. My doctors never even brought this up with me... Maybe I dropped the ball and didn't push hard enough (although I have mentioned it to both Dr. O'Connor and Dr. Ram (I think). I wasn't around in Seattle a year after I went through the "shit" as I like to call it. Maybe the lapse and new doc's let it slip through the cracks, I don't know. I definitely plan to bring it up at my next clinic you can be sure of that. In fact, I think I'm going to post the question right now with my Hodgkins group on Facebook. Curious to know how many people get the shots after transplant... I've heard both good and bad arguments as to get the shots or not. It's been a while and I really can't remember the stronger rationale but feeling like this for almost two months now makes me curious as you can imagine. Hell, I'm not even sure there are shots to protect me from these last two infections... I guess I'll find out.

So, other than dealing with this BS, it's been nice to be "home". I did manage to get a round of golf in last week before this got bad and it was a blast! I'm really looking forward to some good fun golf outings this summer having all my old buddies here who I've been playing with for years. It's funny, everyone ages and supposedly gets wiser (golf is not only a physical game but quite a mental one as well) and you think we'd all get better as the years go by but for some reason, the scores are exactly what I remember them to be 10-12 years ago, ha! Maybe it is true that you learn tricks out there but your body doesn't quite work like it used to so it all balances out, or something like that...

Ok, now that I've been able to get that nonsense off my chest, I think I'll go back to watching the Tigers try and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again. It's been a strange year for the boys so far. Glad it's still early...

Here's to a happy post next time :)