Saturday, June 9, 2012

I wrote this a couple of days ago but wanted to wait to post to add pics. I feel disconnected not writing for a while. Just haven't been able to motivate but wanted to put this out there. Amazing how quickly conditions, plans, moods, outlook, motivation/s, etc. can change. I've just started feeling my "spot" in my back pushing on something when I breathe in causing a "pleural rub". I've had this before when my disease was progressing. I'm fearing that may be happening now and need to make an appointment Monday. Needless to say, I'm pretty unsettled. I just thought it interesting and maybe insightful to see how living with cancer is such a roller coaster ride. The way I feel now and the way I feel after writing the below piece couldn't be more different. Again, this is only 3-4 days ago. Anyway, this is the original update before I really started noticing this stuff in my back. Sorry so long to post anything.

Well, the last I wrote I was in the final throes of another nasty infection in my sinuses and ears. I'm glad to say, thanks to another round of Levaquin and some more down time, I finally rid myself of the crap, thank God!

I didn't have a whole lot of time to ease back into normal life as I went ahead and re did the landscaping in the front of my house, ripping out the old nasty shrubs and replacing with some rodos and low sun perennials like Hostas and Ferns. I figured I lived in Ferndale and how could you not have ferns right?!

Once I finished this project, I prepared for a planned trip out east. It was a great time! Had a chance to drive through the Adirondack State Park in upstate New York checking out Lake George and camping just outside Lake Placid. From there I headed to Salem Mass. where I was surrounded by amazing U.S. History. Every inch of that town has a story, really cool. In a wild contrast, I had lunch with Jackie at a completely organic vegan hip restaurant, about as new age as you can get in one of the oldest cities in our country, very surreal.

From there, it was off to Boston for the first time for me. What a great city. Couldn't get over how nice everyone was even when I went to Fenway Park with my olde English D hat on! It helped that the Tigers went down with a wimper again so I think the fans gave us a break...

After Boston, It was off to Martha's Vineyard and The Allen Farm for a really lavish beautiful wedding although on the day of, the weather would not cooperate and the seas were angry and the rain and wind were wreaking havoc on the festivities, or you would think... Thankfully, the folks putting the wedding on were more than prepared for this with an tight tent with heaters blasting underneath and even a separate tent for bathrooms. It's too bad because the view I saw the next day was unbelievable. I'll post some pics to get an idea.

All in all, I can honestly say Martha's Vineyard definitely lives up to the hype. What a beautiful place, all the way around.

The trip was a nice departure from my normal routine of sleeping in late and pretty much lying in bed for most of the day sick, not being able to do much... I had to try two different antibiotics for my second infection of the sinuses and ears and after my round with Levaquin was done, I found myself so listless I could barely make my scheduled clinical appointment at Karmanos. Turns out, when I had my blood drawn, the results showed my hemoglobin or red blood cells at 7.8, below the acceptable level of 8 and had to stick around for an infusion or two units of RBC's. It was an exhausting 11 hour day but it did give me a boost and definitely worth it. I did have my tough moments on the trip but overall I'm doing much better and trying to enjoy my newfound energy. I've got some more projects lined up here at the house trying to finally get it to where I want it.

There was a time I was really struggling with the constant illness and must admit it did bring me down for a bit there. I've managed to pull myself out of it and ready to start enjoying life again!

I want to continue to travel as much as I can and enjoy my friends and family here in the D. Both my Mom and Rich are still fighting on and an inspiration to me seeing how much they struggle sometimes. Rich was in the hospital again and my Mom caught a nasty bug and she's been dealing with nausea and vomiting which I know is no fun, ugh. Glad to hear she's better today and found out one of her nodes has disappeared and the other one is still shrinking, good news! Plus, just read an article today about a new drug coming out for HER2 breast cancer called TDM1 which is supposedly a breakthrough so it's nice to have something else available just in case it's needed.

So, that's my update, I'm sorry it's taken so long. Hard to write when you're feeling down for so long. It's so nice to be motivated to do things again and having the strength and energy to do them!

Without good health, life can be pretty crappy I must say. Here's to good health for a while!


Glad I re read that by the way, reminds me that no matter what this is in my back, things could be much much worse. If it is progression, I can at least look forward to trips to New York and Houston/Austin so it's not all that bad. Things are going to be ok :)